Hillary Clinton Congratulates GIST Advisory Group Member Jeff Hoffman for Empowering Tech Entrepreneurs

January 25, 2013

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton congratulates GIST Advisory Group member Jeff Hoffman, and co-founder of for championing entrepreneurship and acknowledges GIST role in empowering tech entrepreneurs globally.  

Jeff Hoffman has contributed greatly to the GIST Initiative from strategizing to strengthen programming to connecting with entrepreneurs all over the world by presenting on entrepreneurship and serving as a startup mentor and venture judge in Algiers, Algeria, Washington DC, USA,  and Dubai, UAE. Jeff is a source of inspiration for the GIST team and startup, as much as experienced, entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The GIST Initiative team joins with Hillary Clinton to thank Jeff Hoffman for his constant support and inspiration to GIST transformers all around the world.

View Hillary Clinton's Letter 


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